This question is mainly aimed at US Women but anyone else can answer too

I stated US women because this is one of the few developed countries I could think of that still practices the act of circumcision on boys with 85% of them being cut in comparison to Europe having as few as only 10% with globally only 30% of males worldwide being circumcised of whom 68% are Muslim. Rates of circumcision have been falling in every country. The risk of complications arising is 11%.

Its not fair to put us through the risk as there is potential for death of 1 in 500,000 with a study done by bollinger in 2010 showing that 9.01 per 100,000 died in the u.s alone. 16 people out of 90,000 died following circumcision in the uk with other risks including infection, scarring, bleeding and the procedure would mean that we would reduce the sensitivity in our penises. we can last just as long the only difference is we feel more pleasure with it.

Men circumcised at birth saying that they prefer being circumcised makes as much sense as a man deaf in one ear extolling the virtues of monophonic sound. I don't see why so many u.s. women hate for guys to have their penis the way it was made, men are not supporting female circumcision and the myth about uncut penises being less dirty is bullsh*t, I'm uncut and my penis has never been dirty in the slightest, being cut is no excuse to not wash yourself.

I hear women say they prefer circumcised penises because they are more attractive yet they still think penises are ugly in general so what's the point?. uncut guys penises all look different and the foreskin doesn't always cover the head. I know based of my own penis that my would probably look uglier if it was cut, my skin usually is a bit below the head despite it not being cut.

Tell me why US women feel how they do about penis and which one is it you prefer and why?
This question is mainly aimed at US Women but anyone else can answer too
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