What do you think about men with an erection at a nude beach?

I (32) went to a nude (not family) beach for the first time last week. At home I am very comfortable walking around naked, but the idea of getting naked in front of women I didn't know had me nervous. Even though I know my 6.5 inch penis is average, and even though girlfriends all say I'm quite good in bed, I am a guy, and as a guy I'm convinced that every woman lusts after the larger than 8 inche penis. Also, I'm a grower, not a show-er, so my 6.5 is really a 2 incher when not on duty :(

I went alone, but I am not single. Trying to be discreet I found a quiet place about 10 meters from a single woman (45-50). After undressing and looking around I decided to go for a walk to smoke a joint.

While returning from my walk, the same woman intercepts me and asks for the time. She then notices the smell of weed and tells me she just did the same thing and asks where I went to smoke. As we chat I catch her glancing at my penis and eventually this is all I can think about, until my face goes bright red cuing her to look down and see my 2 become a 6.5! I immediately apologize and excuse myself, but she said it's OK and it happens often. She keeps me talking for another 10 min! All with my penis appearing more alert than myself.

Finally I get away and head to the water for what seems like forever. When I return I find 2 young (25-29) girls laying only 3 meters from my spot. I also find the first woman has changed her position. She is reading, but her legs are wide open facing me and it seems she's paying me back for my earlier show. No sooner do I lay down than I find myself running back to the water!

When I return, both the young girls are laying on their back, not paying any attention to me and the older woman is laying down ignoring me too. This makes it easy for me to lay down and read in peace, or so I thought.

About 45 min later someone is shaking me. I fell asleep and one of the girls is shaking me awake. Confused I say hello and she giggles a hello back to me. She then proceeds to tell me what my girlfriend often tells me - that I got a hard-on while I was asleep and that I started masturbating and, here's the best part, she and her friend watched me from 15 min before deciding to wake me up!

I apologize with the reddest face ever and they both tell me it's OK. As I get up to leave they say that it really isn't a big deal. Then one girl says she enjoyed it so much that she got wet, but that I just couldn't tell. I thank her for trying to make me feel comfortable, but I point out that people saw me masturbating and she said OK and started playing with herself too. Again, I run to the water, but this time I discreetly "handle" the situation and return relieved, only to have some new lady that I haven't seen come tell me that I'm a perv for walking around with a hard-on. I tell her than I wasn't walking around I was running to hide in the water. She walked away and yelled PERVERT so loud that I had to leave.

Not fun :(
What do you think about men with an erection at a nude beach?
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