My insecurity about my small breasts ruined my relationship. Words of comfort?

OK, so I just recently went through a breakup with my first serious boyfriend(also my first boyfriend period). We had a very good thing going until one day while we were fooling around for one of the very first times he mentioned that he was a boob man. I am an A-cup, so this made me very self conscious. I let him know this and he simply brushed it off and said it's not all about a girl's boons.

However, it began to bother me even more when he asked me what cup size I was. I told him I was an A,and he could only reply by saying "oh". After that it got worse and every time it came up he would give me what seemed like backhanded compliments, such as "you have enough" or "they're sufficient", which made me feel like the bare minimum.

So one day, I flat out asked him if he could change anything about me what would it be (I know now that this was a bad choice). He replied not by saying he wouldn't change anything, but that he didn't want to answer. He finally stated "well, I DID tell you that I was a boob man. There, are you happy?" This stung the most, and it shattered my confidence.

I soon found myself crying in front of him on a couple of occasions, saying how I felt inadequate for him, and all he could do was watch silently and say "well just don't think like that". In one particular incident, I became quiet when the subject of breast size came up when we were with a group of his friends, and he got mad and pulled away from me.

Mind you, I never became jealous or accused him of anything, even when he began to engage in low key flirting with his friend Karen,who is much bustier than I, right in front of me. I started seeing a therapist and apologized to him for my behavior, and let him know I was getting help, but by then it was too late.

We talked on the phone that night and he ended up crying and telling me that he didn't know if he loved me anymore, that he didn't know what love was, and that he just couldn't handle a relationship. So, I let him go and a few weeks later I got word that he asked out his friend Karen already.

Needless to say, we don't talk anymore. I've forgiven him for bailing but I haven't forgiven myself for letting my insecurity take over me like that. He was smitten with me, and always talked about our future plans, how much he loved me with all his heart, and how committed he was to me. And so now I guess I feel like I drove him into the arms of that other girl, because not only did she have what he wanted physically, she had confidence. And now I beat myself up constantly about it.
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So now I'm trying to move on and the only thing I have trouble dealing with is my deep regret that I have for how foolishly I acted, and how it cost me the relationship. Any advice on dealing with these feelings?
My insecurity about my small breasts ruined my relationship. Words of comfort?
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