How do feel about a guys ribs, collar bones, hip bones showing (who is not skinny or has a eating disorder)

I was wondering because I have that problem, although my ribs don't show really bad unless I move the right way. don't be afraid to be honest, there is nothing you could say that is worse than what I already tell myself on a regular basis. so is this a turn off, huge turn off, a deal breaker. also to be clear I am not skinny (low body)I have plenty of extra wight in lower body (on average I'm 11-12% body fat).

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  • actually, it's kind of a turn on for me

    • All of it (hip bone, collar bones, ribs) or just certian a bone or bones

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  • my ex was like that. he was built, nice body... but when he moved wrong or laid on his back his stomach would sink in and I could see his ribs, hip bones all that... I just shuddered and went "stop that!" he laughed and started doing it just to bug me. it never effected much to do with our sex life. it was just a tool for him to bug me when we were playing around. half the time I ended up kissing him to distract him from doing it lol

  • I like a guy to have meat on his bones, and maybe then some lol... But that's just ME. Everybody is attracted to different body types. I'm sure some girls dig a boney fella:)

    • Well I do have plenty of meet on my lower and a little on my upper, although I'm fat if that what you mean by meat on his bones. the problem is I litterally don't have meat on my bones

  • I actually find that kind of attractive. Collar bones especially. The only thing I wouldn't like is if their ribs stick out a LOT.

    • Would a little less then this be a LOT

    • Nice

  • A lot of people's ribs and collar bones show. I don't think it's that weird.

    • I haven't seen anyone in person that had this problem and I've only seen a few female models that have this problems (well I'm guessing because they looked fine other than). well, obviously there's a lot of boney models but with a lot of them its because they're to skinny. I appriate the comment though

  • It's a turn on.
    I've never been attracted to big guys. The guys I've liked have always had prominent hip and collar bones, and rib bones even when they're standing. I really like tracing my fingers along the ribs and collar bone and touching the hip bone, or running my hand along his jawline when we kiss.
    As a "skinny" girl (very potite - 4" 11' and about 115lb) I have prominent ribs especially when I'm laying down and prominent collar/hip bones as well, and I was nervous that it was a turn off because of all the hype about "big women" nowadays.

  • My brother is naturally skinny. He eats like a 600 lb man and doesn't gain a pound. He has his collarbones and ribs showed too but then he started to work out like crazy and he's taking whey protein 3x a day after he works out and he's jacked. It's a lot of hard work. As long as if you don't look sick, it's fine if you have your ribs, collarbones, and what not visible.

  • Oddly enough I actually find the collarbone thing attractive on a guy.

    As for the other things, I don't think that that's the first thing people generally look for. I don't see why it would be a turn off unless it's like.. eating disorder skinny (which you already said it wasn't).


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  • link

    i can see david beckham's ribs and collar bones. probably not that big of a turn off.

    i'm naturally skinny and my mom used to think I had a eating disorder because I was so skinny. my collar bone sticks out to where most people can see it from far away. my ribs stick out about an inch or so. I don't think girls will really care what bones are showing on your upper body. and by the way 10% body fat is what gets you a six pack so 11-12 isn't fat at all so don't worry about it. if a girl really finds it that appaling then wear a shirt around her haha

    • I looked at the link and my ribs visibilty are little less than that, but collar bones are way worse. I wasn't calling myself fat just saying that I'm not skinny. I actually have a natural 4-pack (I'm missing the uper 2-pack)

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    • Well its almost 50-50 between not a turn if its not really bad and slight turn off

    • 3-2 at this point I would have voted for not a turn off but I said see the answers so that makes it 4-2. it isn't a turn off don't worry about it

  • I sometimes have this issue too - it's just that my metabolism is lightning-fast, and rarely allows me to put on weight.

    • I'm jealous my matabolism must be the opposite cause I gain weight lighting fast when I'm not on suppliments and dieting

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    • Have you tried weight gainer or just eating stuff with a lot carbs like bread and rice. lots of fat would help to but carbs would be better. there are also supplements for lifting that would help and of course you need protien and the right vitamins. you can find all the info you need on

    • No one has a fast or slow metabalism... Its what you do with your body that counts. That's what makes a "matabalism" its not set in stone by any means. No one is born with a fast matabalism nor a slow one. Your very active or your a lazy shit. Get educated folks, or else your just another uneducated waste of society. Don't say anything unless you can back it up with logic and facts.

  • I think you need to just build a little muscle in those areas, and that will probably solve your problem.

    I'm pretty thin (naturally, not eating disorder) and so I've got a lot more bone than meat on me. My collar bone is definitely visible, ribs less so although you can definitely feel them. I don't think a prominent collar bone is a bad thing, although it's nicer if it's padded with some muscle.

    Not sure how it compares to you, but I know I don't look like I'm from a 3rd world country. I've seen much worse on a lot of my friends from India.

    I don't feel that bad about my body image, but I know I could use a little more muscle. I guess I've been pretty lazy about that until recently. I've started working out more, and I'm already seeing a positive difference. I suggest you do likewise, and you'll probably feel better about how you loo

    • Well I want to start lifting any ways I am sick of being scrawny. I actually have a medical thing right know that I have to fix before that's possible, hopefully its only a vitamin d deficiency. I know there is a muscle that you work out that covers your ribb cage, if you know the name please leave in a comment and any links on excersizes that work that mucle would be awsome. same goes for the collar bones. when I said they stick I mean you can count them but as bad as those kids on planet aid ad

    • I'm actually not an expert, so hopefully someone else will comment. In the meantime, remember that most girls will not see you shirtless unless you're at a beach or something.

    • u don't have to be an expert to know something or leave links in a comment XD

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