When a guy cums fast?

When a guy cums fast what does that mean? like within 5 to 8 minutes does it mean that he likes you? that your tight? or just that he has sex a lot or what? I just need this advice! also do guys like it when a girl lets you come in her mouth? he asked me and I told him no.. why do guys like it?


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  • 1. It means you really hit the spot just right that time.

    2. If it's regular then it's either just how he's wired, or you two are doing something just right.

    3. Yes, guys like it when they can come in their partner's mouth.


    Let me put it like this: how would you feel if every time after you made out, your boyfriend went to spit and rinse out his mouth?

    Now, think about the fact that he -doesn't-, and how that makes you feel.

    Coming in a girl's mouth carries that feeling, with a load of sexiness tied to it.

    • Haha OK that explains it.. would it be wrong to sneak a piece of gum after ha ha to rid the taste ha ha I don't know just wondering I would feel weird to just hurry and get a drink lol anyways thanks

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  • 5-8 minutes is pretty normal...

    And yes, it's nice when a girl lets you come wherever you want. It's partially a dominance thing, and also partially a "girl feels comfortable enough with you to do whatever to please you"

    • Haha OK thanks, just can't believe 5-8 is normal!

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    • As long as he makes you come somehow it's all good :D

    • Ok yeah it wouldn't let me reply twice I don't know y but the 5-8 minutes until he gets off is the non stop, just don't like the switching positions, lol but yeah fore play was not included lol

  • you can google exercise to make him last long

    and it doesn't nesceraily mean your tight

    it doesn't neseceraly mean he likes you anym more than normal

    and it proably mean he is less expirenced not more, even though 5- 8 is about normal but some expirenced guys have done those exercises to increase stamina and stuff

    and we like cumming in your mouth because it looks hot is visual gratification so don't do it if you don't want too but it does look sexy

    • Oh he don't need excersize, he hits the gym at least 5 times a week, he is a buff security dude, and he is way experienced for a fact, come on he can undo a bra with one hand and fast, I'm 19 and he is 28 so he is way more experienced than I just because of age and I know for a fact lol anyways thanks

    • When I say exercises I didn't mean like for the body I meant for the penis

      and about the expirence thing the bra thing isn't that hard I been doing since I was 13 and age doesn't alway mean anything

      im not saying he is inexpirenced cause I don't know the guy but don't base your assumptions of his expirence off those two factors alone

  • Average time is actually right there, between 5 and 8 minutes.

    • Ha your kidding right? the last guy I was with and married to would always want to go for like 15 to 20 minutes, now this guy I'm dating now, (Im divorced now! lol) usually goes for like 5-8 minutes but he always switches positions like after every 10 pumps.. a girl can't get off that way! I don't know y he does that either

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    • Well not come after 10 maybe I'm being mean it just don't seem like a lot then he wants to switch positions lol like tables at his work anyways lol

    • Here, this has some interesting info about "average times". https://www.examiner.com/sexual-health-in-national/experts-announce-the-optimal-duration-of-intercourse

  • The more often a guy has sex his endurance should increase, if you're really finding it problematic then make him get the easy first one over about 15 minutes before you go at it for the longrun.

    • Haha OK thanks so your saying he prob doesn't have sex much? just wondering if he sleeps around too lol

    • Think of this simple analogy, coins are earned over time, and the more 'coins' in a mans 'coins purse' the less time it will take to 'overflow'

    • Haha great analogy! I guess I better go find him now ha ha get workin on the longer haha

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