Guys would you marry a woman who has been around the block (a few times)?

I'm worried about my future all of a sudden because I see my friends in loving relationships (not all of them of course but a lot) and we will go out on group dates so we can all catch up and I'll be the only single girl there or the guy I have with me is usually a f*** buddy. I don't feel bad about my sex life but I worry I'll never meet anyone who will be able to look past the fact that I sleep around. I have had sex with so many guys that it even shocks me sometimes. If I didn't keep a journal I honestly wouldn't know how many men I have slept with. I have cheated on boyfriends, multiple times, but my last relationship was great. I broke up with him because things were getting too intense for me at this point in my life. Anyway he was never comfortable with my sex life but he tried hard to ignore it. that worked but there was a lot of jealousy I think as a result. whenever old f*** buddies or boyfriends would come around he would get defensive, etc.

The guy I'm f***ing now is kind of like a best friend who is brutally honest who I happen to sleep with. we have amazing, freakin explosive sex together and we cuddle and talk but he calls me names too and if we fight he will call me a a whore or a slut to try to make me feel bad. he always tells me that no guy is going to marry me because I'm such a skank and that I shouldn't care about being married. he says he'll have kids with me if I can't find a guy to marry me because he thinks id make a great mom as long as we can screw other people. lol I mean if that's what it comes to fine but I mean I would like to think some guys would give me a chance...
Guys would you marry a woman who has been around the block (a few times)?
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