Is there a reason why some girls are so slutty?

I mean I always wonder because I know all kinds of slutty girls from different backgrounds and I can't pin point it. Not that there's anything wrong (in my opinion) but I just wonder why. I can't think of anything that would have made me as slutty as I am honestly. lol I am one of the sluttiest girls I know at my university. Seriously I'm not kidding. I mean I have done some things that would make my mother cry. My parents are the type of people who believe well raised, well spoken, well dressed, educated girls are the least likely to engage in promiscuity but I haven't found that to be true. I don't think any specific class group/type of people has a monopoly on being promiscuous. They think I'm an angel though all things considered because of the way I carry myself. I tell them I'm not and leave it at that because I'm not into talking about sex with my parents. lol Anyway I am always trying to delve beneath the surface to discover peoples motives and the things that make them tick, do the things they do. I guess I just see sex as just sex and I'm very liberal and into feminism (sexual liberation.) Idk. Are there any other promiscuous girls out there who think about why we are the way we are? Or do you just go with the flow? :)

i guess I didn't mention one thing about my background. my aunt lived with us while I was growing up and she's a hippie so that's another 1. she was (and still is) all about the free love. lol my family is pretty liberal too they just don't like the rep.


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  • You have to look back on your childhood,past events and figure out exactly WHY you sleep around.

    1)Childhood.Parents can give you material items,educate you,give you the best educate you,raise you religiously,or raise you to be sexually repressed,BUT,your personality is formed as a child and teenager.A child needs love,attention and parents to be parents,which means affectionate and nurturing.If they are missing,then that is one major contribution to your ways now.

    2)Past events such as a bad divorce,tragic family death,sexual abuse(molestation,rape etc),verbal/emotional abuse or physical abuse and can cause child to feel unwanted,unloved,unprotected,used,bad,ashamed,guilty,and can cause the child to reap the consequences later on in life.

    3)Why?Are you having sex because you enjoy sex, and for yourself?Or are you doing it to fill in an emotional void.Does it give you a sense of emotional fulfillment then afterward you're emotionally empty(AGAIN)?Sex is healthy,sex is natural,not everyone grows up with parents preaching to them right and wrong about sex or who give off negative views on sex.

    I personally do not believe in using such words such as "slut" or "whore" or any other degrading terms for someone who has sex,especially since nowadays,such words no longer have "true" meaning to them.Insecure,jealous and immature girls will call other girls(generally attractive) sluts for no reason.

    You just have to list WHY you have sex.I believe sex is healthy for you physically and mentally if you are doing it for the right reasons and are being safe about it.It's unhealthy when you do it for people other than yourself and are trying to fill some void,because all sex will do is continually get your hopes up and give you a quick "fix"

    My only advice is to use protection and be safe.

    • Yeah none of that applies to me. oh well. I guess I just like sex. its fun. I'm a bit perverted too. lol my parents aren't religious at all by the way. they are just classist I guess you could say. they don't mind sex but see spreading it around as a burden to reputation and the way people see you. I agree with you I don't like those terms at all but I figure people understand them more. promiscuous is better. I like your answer a lot though. :)

    • No problem and there's absolutely nothing wrong with loving sex.Continue on if it doesn't affect your life negativity:D

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  • theres nothing wrong with having sex when you want it, if you feel sexually active and love to have sex then do it, the only thing that matters is what you think.

    for different reasons why some girls want or have sex is either stress releif, proving to other girls they are much hotter,sometimes depression, getting back at parents. to escape bad reality, I'm not saying this most of the time but sometimes.

    sometimes they do it as they know guys have sex on the mind so much that if they have sex with the guy then one of them might be the one for them.


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  • self esteem issues or past abuse. maybe they didn't get enough attention as a child. sorry but I have never met a well adjusted emotionally healthy slut that didn't have issues.

    • Really? I know way too many of those lol

    • Or girls just might just love having sex