Guys would you let your girlfriend have a threesome with another guy?

My boyfriend and I communicate really well about like what turns us on and off and what our fantasies are, etc. He's always saying that he wants to give me everything I want sexually and help me explore . I want to do the same for him. I want to have sex with at least one other guy. More would be better but one other guy is fine. I think it would be so freaking hot! We have talked about it before, but not seriously. Usually its a topic I use to turn him on and get him horny. You know talking dirty during sex or even randomly texting him about it. lol I don't know if its one of those things where it's fine to use it an idea to get us off or if he would actually let me do it. You know how men are sometimes, all talk. lol I know a lot of his friends think I'm hot so we could get one of them or we could find guys around campus. Doesn't matter as long as he's hot and has a nice d***. Anyway I'm just curious would you let your girl suck and f*** other guys in a threesome or gang bang if she REALLY wanted to and you loved her? I feel like he should if its something I really want. If he wanted me to have a threesome with a girl I would do it for him too. I would love the feeling of being dominated by more than one guy at once, I would feel sexy, totally nasty, and happy all at once. :) I've seen stuff like this in my bf's p*rn collection before (we even watch together a lot) and I love the threesome/gang bang videos where the girl is getting f***ed by all the guys and they treat her like a whore and pass her around then come all over her face. I want that! why do p*rn stars get to have the most fun? no fair. Anyway I'm going to ask him when he gets back from a trip he's on right now. So if your girlfriend has wanted to do this for a long time would you let her if you were involved? What do you guys think?
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so basically you guys think I should either lie (or omit the truth if you like to sugar coat things) to my boyfriend about this or break up with him? those aren't options that I like! lol
Guys would you let your girlfriend have a threesome with another guy?
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