Why do men's testicles change in size - sometimes really big other times smaller?

Does this indicate that he might have recently had sex or is that just the ebb and flow of the testes?


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  • The size of the testes does not reflect if a men has recently had sex or not. The size or state of position they are in, ie. compressed and small or dangling and big, do reflect, however, sexual arousal, room temperature, and climate comfortability.

    When not sexually aroused, the scrotum is usually larger and free to dangle, as to help in the production of semen and keep the temperature slightly below body temperature.

    When sexually aroused, the scrotum compresses to prepare the "path way" for the semen to ejaculate with the required force.

    Usually when it is cold, the scrotum will also compress to keep a comfortable temperature for the sperm to produce and stay alive, when it is hot the scrotum will drop away from the body more to cool off.

    • I was about to answer the question but saw that someone else already mentioned the things I was going to say.


    • Haha, sorry? Comes from experience and knowledge, I guess.

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  • More about heat and coolness. The body likes to keep the testicles as close to a certain temperature because that's optimal for creation of sperm. So if it's cold (or you just got out of the pool) they shrink up into the body to stay warm. If it's hot, they hang down seeking a cooler climate.

    There's also an orgasm reflex that causes the testicles to tighten back up toward the body, but that's another thing.

  • They have phases, much like the moon. Testicular tides.

  • Lol love this question. It may indicate that he has had sex. After I have had orgasm my balls are always smaller because they have been drained of my cum. Also different factors contribute to a man's sperm production. Some guys just have really great ball sacks that are big ad healthy and full of lots of sperm. Other guys have smaller pairs that don't produce as much semen. If his sack is always smaller, it usually means he has been cumming and his balls get smaller when they are drained of his jizz, lol.

    • You're a moron.

      Semen doesn't come from the testes. It comes from the prostate, which is inside the body.

    • Very inaccurate answer.

      As "Travesty" has indicated, the fluid comes from the prostate gland which is INSIDE our body, not in our scrotum.

      Testicles don't shrink just because they let go of some sperm in microscopic sizes.

      It is mainly about room temperature.

  • it depends on room temp. when it's hot it sags down and when it's cold it shrinks!

  • I was unaware this happens.

    • Because it does not?

      It doesn't change its size according to recent sexual activity.

  • They don't until we are old enough for a reduction in hormone production. The congestion is non-sexual fluid in it and the sack tightening and loosening from temperature and arousal.


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  • Are you talking about the testicles themselves or the sac? The sac is very susceptable to temp changes. The warmer it is the more stretched out it is and the cooler it is it shrinks back into his groin.