Is true guys will do things with sluts that they won't do with their girlfriends?

I have heard this from both guys and girls, and I want to know if you guys out there agree with that ? and what do you think about it?

I'm definitely more of the slut and I've slept with guys who were in relationships. the main guy I'm sleeping with is like engaged or something - I'm not sure I don't ask too many questions about their relationship but he has made comments about this too. I might ask him about it more in depth later on today. we have such hot sex that its hard for me to imagine him toning it down for his gf/fiance. He's like an animal almost but very passionate at the same time and in sync with my body. I just kind of want to know what kind of sex they are having because he says its "more on the vanilla side." I can't see him being that way. Even his personality doesn't seem in line with that and I'm thinking, okay is he lying about how he truly feels to his gf? I've noticed this with a few guys I've been with.

i have an idea though. the fetishy things even though I haven't done too much of that (reminds me of bree van de kamp on desperate housewives and her husband way back in the day. so weird lol) and esp. the rough sex with dirty talking, etc. I know one of my close friends (but we don't sleep together) said he likes the feeling of being with a girl who he's not committed to because he won't have to feel judged or ashamed or like he's pressuring his girlfriend to do something. guys do you all really feel that when with your gfs vs. hookups or slutty girls ? Just curious.
Is true guys will do things with sluts that they won't do with their girlfriends?
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