HELP! Is My Boyfriend Bi?

I'm freaking out here. I'm in a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend of over one year. It's not that far away and we visit every one-two months (he will be moving back in April). His best friend away from home is this guy B. and they used to do everything together. They lived in the same apartment complex for a while, go to the same school, used to work in the same place, and just basically hang out all the time. I've met B and I like him a lot. He is an Iraq war vet and is very tough, attractive, and masculine. Well recently, my boyfriend told me B is bi. I was *shocked.* I mean, really floored... and my boyfriend was not surprised at all. He told me he'd known for a while. So B. is forced to move out of the apartment complex for one reason or another and my boyfriend and B. stop hanging out so much. B. gets another guy friend (who I think is straight) and he and my boyfriend don't hang as much as they used to. Today, my boyfriend called me in very high spirits saying he was going to go on bike adventures with B. It was his day off and he and B. hung out all evening. I call him to say goodnight and he's camping out under a tree outside B.'s house in a cemetery. Okay, that's not weird for my boyfriend - he loves the outdoors, misses living by the woods, and this was the first cool day after a brutally hot summer. The strange part was, his friend came to give my boyfriend a blanket while we were on the phone and my boyfriend makes a joke about how B just showed up to get a kiss on the cheek from my boyfriend and that he (my boyfriend) kissed him on the mouth. I was sure he was joking so I told him to shut up, but apparently he actually did kiss him.

Other evidence prior to this:

1) Finds other guys attractive. Even commented that my gay friend was the "Most handsome man" he's even seen.

2) Really wants to have sex with another couple

3) Likes anal play (me on him)

4) very sexual person in general

God, I'm so freaked out and I'm going to ask him tomorrow straight out... I just can't talk to him now because he had to go to sleep (school early in the morning tomorrow). He has all straight male friends back home, and has had a handful of previous relationships. I've dated a bi guy before and my boyfriend now is nowhere near as feminine as my ex. IN fact, he is very masculine, amazing in bed, and loves me very much. Is this normal for a straight guy? PLEASE HELP! I'll let you know what happens tomorrow, as well.
HELP! Is My Boyfriend Bi?
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