Have you had a Happy Ending Massage?

Not talking about one from your SO or friends with benefits. But, have you gone to some shady massage parlor and either stumbled into one or go there requesting one?
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  • No l haven't.


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  • I haven't but I've always wanted to try.


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  • I have not but I did get a massage (in the same room as my wife) and the masseuse was wicked hot. She regularly 'accidentally' rubbed her hands and arms on my dick which was hard the entire time. When she massaged my chest she did so from above my head and took off her outer shirt. She had a low cut and I had half her tits on my face. She spent more time on my inner thighs and butt than any other massage i've ever had. She def intentionally rubbed my balls in the process as well. When she removed the sheet from each thigh she always 'accidentally' removed it too far revealing my dick before correcting her 'mistake'.

    I still masturbate occasionally thinking about it but no, no happy ending. My wife got the fuck of her life afterwards though.


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