Girls, my yeast infection won't go away?

This isn't the usual GAG question but I need help. I first got a yeast infection (I think it's a yeast infection) when I was about 12. I knew there was something wrong but I didn't tell my mom because I didn't want her to think I had sex. Well, anyway when I was 15 I eventually told her. My symptoms were bad. My discharge was whitish-yellowish, clumpy and smelled like fish and bread, but sometimes it would just be watery. My vagina was extremely itchy, inside and out, and the skin around my genitals was very dry. Sometimes when I peed it would burn (although at times I had the urge to pee but only a little came out and it burned so badly).

I went to the doctor and she took a blood test and a urine test and the results were fine (I think she was just checking for a kidney infection). A couple of months later I told the doctor about my vagina problem. She layed me on the table and took a swab test (she inserted a cotton bud type thing into my vagina and took a sample of my discharge) and I found it a tad painful. She then put me on antibiotics. There was just one tablet I had to take and that was it. Nothing else. The one thing I forgot to tell the doctor was that I had this infection for over 4 years. I probably should've told her.

When the results came back the doctor called and said that there was nothing wrong with me! But I knew damn well that there was! 1. My vagina smelled. 2. It itched and burned.

The doctor called the gynecologist to get an ultra sound but they couldn't because I was underaged. It was around this age that I started to get lower stomach and lower back pains. It scared me because I thought that maybe the yeast or whatever the infection is had spread up into my organs. I cried because it terrified me.

I don't understand how the doctors think that my vagina is fine and healthy! Is it dangerous to have this infection for such a long time? Someone help.
Girls, my yeast infection won't go away?
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