Why do girls laugh at small penises?

hi why do girls think small penises are funny ? . a few weeks ago my girlfriend pulled my bathing suit down on a crowded beach. all her friends and a lot of girls sitting near by went hysterical . a lot of them then made that small penis gesture with their fingers , you know two fingers like half an inch apart . some held out their pinkies. I was humiliated. mine is only about 1 1/2 inches when soft but hard its about 6 inches but of course at the time is was soft. . girls with small breasts wouldn't like it if guys laughed at them . guys with small ones can't help it . we. have no choice and there's nothing we can do about it


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  • Tell them you're a grower, not a shower. Some people are insensitive and aren't aware of the effect of their actions. Have they not seen a penis before? lol. Most penises look small while not hard. Have you asked your girlfriend why she'd do such a thing? Seems disrespectful. Girls frequently get teased by the size of their boobs, or their asses. People can be asses. Don't let it bother you.

    • Very good advice :)

    • @jschlik496 My willy is small when soft but i love it when girls see it as they dont really know that its huge when hard !

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  • You're not that small, you just run with *ssholes. Change friends.

  • I would hope that you don't even have a penis since you have a female account.

    • I used my g/fs account genius

    • I'm sure you are.

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  • No offense, but the people who were lafing are jerks. I don't know if I'm the only girl, but I love small penis'. =)

    • Kinda curious as to what you love about them?

    • @jschlik496 Your the bollox babe ! i love the look on girls faces when they see my little soft dick then the reaction when they see how big it gets lol

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