I am a 23 year old virgin guy who has never kissed a girl. Is it too late for me?

I have no clue. Every girl 18+ is way more experienced relationship wise and sexually I guess want guys who are just as experienced as them in both fields. Do I even stand a chance now lol. I've had my chances in high school and even had a chance with 1 of the hottest girls in the school who was a cheerleader BUT almost my whole life has been dealt with being c*** blocked by my parents. They never let me out much in high school since they are 1 of those strict conservative Indian parents. Never gave me a car when I wanted 1 till I graduated HS. And after high school my dad was willing to pay for me to study in India so I'm in my last year now. I haven't done anything here because I go to a college where girls are so conservative that they don't even hug you if they are your friend. Plus almost every single 1 of these girls so strongly believe in long term relationship that they have all had the same exact before since like 9th or 10th grade of high school. And I don't know any people outside the college here.

I do go back home to Detroit every summer but I just chill with my friends because it's only 2 months so I don't have a chance to really go out with a girl since my stay is always just temporary. Plus I don't have the player mentality like most of my friends and just sleep around with any girl while either drunk or high because that whole scene kinda disgusts me.

So tell me girls. Do I have a chance with girls being 23 and inexperienced in today's society or is it too late? Because I've told girls before that I've never even kissed a girl before and their reaction was either fake way of being nice or just an expression of me as a loser. Which I clearly believe I'm not considering I'm not that desperate. Because I know guys who get some are way more desperate than me. But ya it's depressed to me that I've never had the right opportunity to get with a girl due to my circumstances. I hope you all read this and reply to my situation with an honest opinion. Whether it is the good, the bad, or the ugly.

Cuz after I'm done I'll be going back to US to study 2 more years there and I'm afraid no girls would talk to me and think I don't know what the hell I'm doing due to lack of experience. This scares me lol.

So tell me. Would any of you girl ever give a guy who's in the same shoes as me a chance? Or you girls prefer sexually experienced guys and all?
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Wow! Is this is? Damn I was really hoping all the girls insight on my situation here and these are all the replies I got from posting this? What's the point if only 2 girls and 1 guy were willing to answer. WTF. Any more replies please?
I am a 23 year old virgin guy who has never kissed a girl. Is it too late for me?
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