Do girls like giving footjobs?

If so what's your favorite part about it?


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  • I didn't even know that was such a thing lol

    • Its like a handjob but with feet what's not to get??

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  • The only thing I like about it is that my guy enjoys them & that makes me enjoy them too.

    • Do you let him come on your toes from it?

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    • I had a girl let me do that once and then she asked me to lick the come off her toes

    • I've asked him to do that too, but once he tried it he was like : "yuck, how do you do this?!" lol

What Guys Said 2

  • are you kidding me

  • I've never had the balls to ask a girl for one because I think that most will find it gross and think your a weirdo or something. But I bet none of them know that the mouth is dirtier then the feet!

    • Seriously?! Oh, and it is weird. And gross. Just saying....

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    • seriously why is that gross? id rather use my feet than my mouth tho I don't think id like either but relatively speaking its really no big deal, I mean what do you do when you taker off your socks you have to touch your feet, if they are that gross, foot job is not the problem,

      But I'm curious what the appeal is to guys with this?

    • girls feet are sexy and most girls I know would rather use there hands/mouth then feet.

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