Girlfriend wispers "I want you to get me pregnant, baby!" during sex. Does she mean it?

I have been dating this girl for several months now. We have a good sex life and we get a long very well. However recently during sex she been telling me that she wants me to impregnate her! Or to "get me pregnant, I want to have your baby!"

I have been rather reluctant now to have sex with her. She has even stated all this during hot text exchanges. She doesn't like to use condoms and always wants me to come inside her vagina.

She has told me in the past during regular conversation that she really doesn't want kids. However on one occasion she said she might have changed her mind.

What should I do? Besides asking her directly, does she sound like someone who really wants me to get her pregnant, or is this merely heat of the moment erotic talk?


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    Actually, some girls get turned on by the prospect of becoming pregnant. Its a paraphillia of some description. She probably doesn't wanna actually get pregnant, but the thought of it makes her go all, y'know... When something turns you on so much you start get woozy and everything goes white, and you don't really think about the consequences...?


    I dunno, LOL. Well, if that is normal, then it could be that kinda sh*t. Talk to her about it after you's have had sex some time, so that she's not horny or anything, and her heads clear.

    • That's my dilemma. Trying to differentiate between hot and steamy fantasy and serious intentions. You think it could be a little of both?

    • I'm not sure. Like I said like, the best thing to do would really be to ask her when she isn't horny at all, like after a few orgasms, or something. Cos then she'll be thinking more rationally.

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  • It sounds like she's considering children now, but in the heat of the moment she wants you do that. I'm sure she does. The idea is REALLY attractive for some reason, like the answerer below me said, probably for natural reasons. Just talk to her about it to make sure you're both on the same page.

    • So, from what it seems, you think that she seriously wants it to happen, especially in the heat of the moment? The thing is, I am also greatly turned on by the thought of impregnating her myself. I do want children at some point. I just don't want it "sprung upon" me suddenly. So I should just ask her if she was serious about it?

    • I'm not sure if she seriously wants it to happen all the time. The only way I'd say that you could know if she does is by asking her sometime when she isn't aroused at all. There's nothing wrong with asking her about it and seeing where it goes from there. :) I'm sure she'd appreciate you taking initiative to talk to her.

  • I think you should really ask, cos who knows. Without condoms, it really does sound like she could get pregnant. So if you don't want this, you had better clear things up

  • The idea is a turn on for some women. It is for me. I'm not ready for kids yet, but during sex, I think about him coming inside me and impregnating me. I think it's only natural. After all, he is inseminating me each time. It's very sexy. The fantasy aspect and erotic talk is fine but only she knows whether she's serious or not. If you're not certain, I wouldn't come inside her.


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  • that sh*t is a huge turnoff unless you're married and ready for kids.

  • She wants you 2 come inside of her..she was psyched by the passion and emotion you both share at the moment,it made her say all those in your right minds nd do watz right..gud luck

  • Just don't do that...u ll be f**ked afterwards

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