Girls, a guy you like lost his virginity to another girl. would you be mad?

Most guys would get upset to know the girl they like a lot gave her virginity to another guy. But how about girls, is it the same way or not.

assuming you had the chance and you know.


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  • yeah, I don't think it's too different. I wouldn't be p*ssed just mad and feel really sad I wasn't the one he lost it to.


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  • I don't feel that way at all. I think it's stupid to get upset or p*ssed off about something a person did before they even knew you existed. Or if they knew you existed, before they had any kind of relationship with you. That's essentially the same as getting upset that they can't see into the future. It's not like she's the 'judge' sitting there in a courtroom, trying to choose between you or the other guy to 'win the case', i.e. sleep with, and picks the other guy right in front of you.

    Just... I don't owe anything to someone who right now is a faceless stranger. No one has any rights to my body until I decide they do. I also don't expect guys to just KNOW I'm going to be in their lives at some point [when *I* myself don't even know I'm going to be in their life], and put their lives on hold until then.

    Stop feeling entitled and expecting things from people. You'll find yourself getting upset a lot less often. Do you know how irritating [and occasionally hurtful] it can be to have someone constantly bring up and sulk about how they wish they could have been / should have been the one to take your virginity? Bringing it up once, just to get it off your chest and tell the person how you feel, sure. Anything more than that is a guilt trip and a half. Bringing it up over and over again makes people feel bad. Whether bad is p*ssed off and annoyed, or upset that you're so upset. Either way, it's a conscious or subconscious effort to have them 'making it up to you' for the rest of your relationship, i.e. 'owing you' for that ONE thing, you always being a step ahead or having the upper hand. That's what it equates to. And I don't know how that could possibly sound fair to you. It puts virginity [or 'possession' or 'marking one's territory'] on such a pedestal that it can sour any budding relationship, and it also suggests that when it all boils down, a girl's worth in a relationship or as a person is primarily measured by her virginity. Personally, I won't stick around long with a guy who exhibits that kind of nagging to me about my life before him.

    I get it, feel how you feel, because you can't help that. But what you CAN do is not press the issue, or you can think about what mentality in life has caused you to react the way you have, and try to change that mentality.

  • I wouldn't be angry, just disappointed, and I would give up on pursuing him of course.

  • were we dating when he lost his virginity?

    i don't expect every guy to be a virgin when I start to date them


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  • "Most guys would get upset to know the girl they like a lot gave her virginity to another guy."

    Really? If a guy went around thinking that some girl owed him her virginity, I would think him hugely arrogant, borderline grandiose.

  • Some virginity are meant 2 be lost 2 different people,.be lucky 2 be one of d persons...haha

  • You get offended by that? You pussy.

    • What is so p**** about wanting a girl's virginity that you like, if anything I would say its selfish. You New age wimp looking faggot.

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    • First who did you call a pussy?

      Who is silverfox making fun of?

      this needs to get clarified.

      I don't expect to take someone's virginity. I don't complain if I don't get it either, just move along. and hope I can still go out with the girl.

    • It's kinda gay for you to get upset if she lost it to someone else.

      And SilverFox was talking about me. He just did it in some an awesome way that I decided he's a god and to awesome to fight with.