Do Virgin Girls Like Their Boyfriends to Go down on them?

My girlfriend and I are both virgins

and of course I know almost anyguy wouldn't mind their girlfriends to go down on them

but would a girl like the same if they've never even had sex?

do they have to get used to it?

does it hurt you or make you feel weird?

"Going down" as in "eating out"

ya know?


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  • Being a virgin or having had sex has nothing to do with enjoying your guy going down on you and doing oral on your a LOT. I'm still a virgin and my boyfriend goes down on me all the time and it feel great plus he makes me come every time. The first time it felt kinda different but I still had an orgasm, and by the third time I was enjoying it immensely so my boyfriend started going down on me and eating me out regularly from then on. So don't worry about anything or that it'll feel weird to her or whatever or her having to get used to it. If you want it and your girlfriend wants it by all means duhh get started so that she can start enjoying having the fun without having sex and losing her virginity. I've heard and read that cumming this way for a girl is far better than by any other means including having sex.


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  • i am going to sound stupid what do you mean by "going down on her" ? lol I really need to know because it confuses me lmao

  • It won't hurt her. It really depends on what she wants. My boyfriend went down on me before we had sex. I was a virgin and he wasn't. I really enjoyed it and had my first orgasm.

    It didn't make me feel uncomfortable. As long as you two are really close and intimate, then she shouldn't feel uncomfortable.


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  • i've gone down on my girlfriend a LOT and she's a virgin, enjoys it immensely and cums everytime. It doesn't make her feel weird at all and she's gotten to expect it on a regular basis because she's not anywhere near close to losing her virginity. I enjoy it just as much!