Can guys have vaginas too?

I heard that sometimes guys are born with a vagina instead of a penis. How do you live like that? Do you have a fulfilling sex life? Tell me your stories, guys :)

HAHAHA! That was fun :P

But, how believable was I?


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  • yes, I infact own several vaginas. I keep them in jars around my house >.>

  • WHAT? do you really mean it? lol

    • Mean what? That I want to hear your stories? Because I do... Do you have vagina?

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    • Damn... I was hoping for more funny responses :P

      I was joking, troll attempt! rofl :P

    • HAHA......Lol

  • You mean a Hermaphrodite? They mostly take the role of women. Haven't seen it go the other way.

    • I think you meant to spell that "Aphrodite." No, not gods, I mean in real life. Like, men that are born with a vagina. And they grow up like other men. And you can't tell till you get down there an see it.

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    • Hehe, I was joking :P

      I tricked yoos! XD

      Actually I do know someone who, as a child, thought that Aphrodite was synonymous with Hermaphrodite because of the simular sounding pronounciation, lol!

    • Glad I made you laugh by the way :D

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