Afger getting intimate for the first time, I realize I have no sexual fantasies or sensitive area's on my body?

I definitely am interested in sex. While I haven't had it yet, I am sure I will love it. I masturbate a few times a week and feel good about it.

All that said, I am a bit shocked to realize I don't have any sexual fantasies or sexually sensitive areas. The girl I was with was very sensitive, the slightest touch excited her tremendously. I of course had the same reaction when she started touching me down there, but there didn't seem to be any other area that was sensitive at all (and it wasn't for lack of trying that we didn't find anything).

As for sexual fantasies, I do enjoy watching porn, but there isn't any particular sex act that specifically excites me. I select porn much more on the girl in it, and how much she enjoys it.

So when the girl I was with asked me if there was anything she could do to get me excited, I drew a blank. I had no clue. It felt like I was missing some hugely important part to the puzzle that I simply wasn't given.

Is this relatable to any of you? How did you go about it with your partner? And if it isn't relatable, do you perhaps know something that could help?


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  • guys dont have it as easy as girls, especially since hormones and emotions plays a far greater role for them. First have you checked your neck, ear (ear lobes), lower back? those areas tend to provide soeme form of stimulation if done right


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