Why are guys such pervs?

its a big turn off when a guy talks sexually about girls. I don't get why they do it. because its really not funny. it can be there's just a line when it comes to that stuff and mostly all guys cross that line. it just makes me wish even more that I was lesbian


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  • Why guys talk that way is because sex is constantly on a males mind. So I've been told males have more "sex drive" than women this is simply word of mouth and I haven't done any research on that however, men will always speak like that but doing it around women is distasteful. Yes even the nice guy who's a gentleman holds doors open upholds chivalry at least thinks about women in an inappropriate manner. But it's a high school thing they will grow up mature and keep it to themselves. Not all men are perverted just the lot of them tend to make even the good one look bad... It's only a phase though I hope I helped

    • yeah, I know that's mostly what guys think about but I don't get why they just can't keep it to themselves.

    • Wait until the girls stop thinking dating "bad boys" is cool and once they start going for nice guys most will change not all... There is always that guy that never grows up lol...

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  • What the hell are you talking about? At least drop an example of how guy's talk "sexually about girl" so what if I were to say "... oh say word, is she even sweet/sexy though?" or "Does she give head?" that would be sexual?

    • i just always hear guys saying really gross things about women that they seem to think is funny when really its just down right disgusting and unattractive. so I'm asking why do guys say stuff like that because the more they yap about getting laid the less likely its gonna happen

    • Say stuff like what ? Examples maybe?

      What is disgusting to one person, might not be to other people. I talk about sex a lot and I'm not a guy and its not gross-its part of life. I don't know maybe you just are not comfortable with your physiology -or physiology in general, for that matter,

    • but its not just normal sex talk. its gross, rude, disgusting, sex talk. and its one of the most unattractive things about a dude. so I don't get what's wrong with them.

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  • remember you can't change nobody ! guys are guys. men are men, boys are boys, males are males ! it's part of whom they are. It's the life of human nature body hormones. I hate talking sexually...but when you think about it it's nice lol...i hate hearing guys talking sexually but then it turns me on...wait you're under 18...of course...you're still immature...when you're mature enough you will understand properly...

    • well if you heard the things I've heard guys say it wouldn't turn you on it just make you barph.

  • Guys aren't, just some socially retarded guys act like that. Like the ones who think its a turn on to say that they're stalkers who secretly jerk off thinking about you, or the retards who would never approach you in person but try to talk sexually online. Guys do that because they know they could never get any in real life. They're losers, not normal guys!