Do men EVER respect really slutty girls?

I'm worried no guy will ever really respect me. I am really slutty. I've slept with a lot of guys and honestly I don't plan on changing that unless I get in a committed relationship. I was in a loving committed relationship but I broke up with him because we were going to universities on opposite ends of the country. we still talk though, he still loves me but I'm not into long distance. I talk to him about this and he says it makes me less attractive knowing that I do as many things as I do. I think I'm just such sexual person, even when my friends and I go to clubs or parties and dance. I'm a really good dancer naturally because I used to study dance, but I almost never dance like a normal girl. I have to grind on guys and give them lap dances. I've gotten on top of guys at parties before while they were laying on the floor and I'm grinding on top of them with my skirt pushed up and my thong in full view. guys would just come over and slap my butt while I'm on top of the other guy. I know these guys love the view but I don't think they would ever really respect a girl like me even though I'm intelligent, nice, and kind. I'm always just the sexpot. I get so turned on all the time and I'm so horny and I love having sex with different guys.

I've had guys say they respect me before and end up being friends with benefits. nothing wrong with that but I think some of them are just lying. I don't really demand respect I guess. I'm a very horny, very submissive girl and I let men do things to me that some of my other friends wouldn't allow. I remember one guy I used to sleep with was always honest with me. he was a little mean to me but I think that just made me want him more. he would call me a slut and a whore all the time but he also told me what a wonderful person I really am. he said that its just really easy to take advantage of me. I remember him also saying that most guys treat slutty girls amazingly and treat good girls like crap. I think he said most of his friends lived by the mantra of "treat a whore like a queen and a queen like a whore." is that true?
Do men EVER respect really slutty girls?
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