How do I get my guy to be more into foreplay, to pay the girls some attention, is he turned off by their size?

I'm 5'3 1/2 inches tall, I weigh 115lbs and I have a 34D bra size. I have an hourglass/pinup girl body type. I've always been pretty happy with my body, aside from some stretch marks here and there from growth spurts in my hips and boobs, but I have really fair skin (I'm a redhead) and so when the scars faded you can barely tell they're there. But I've always been self conscious of my breasts and their size, and have always wished for C's.

The guy I've just started dating usually dates athletic cheerleader type girls, which I am definitely not. And he's never dating a redhead, though he says he's always wanted to do one (haha).

His ex was a cheerleader, weighed more than me and wore a 36B. She was never really into nipple play I guess, so he says.

But I am. I love foreplay, I could have a guy play/suck/fondle my boobs for hours (not really but for a while). But he doesn't do this. He'll usually give each about 5 seconds of attention or less before moving on down south or onto the main event and I'm always disappointed. He doesn't really seem to care about foreplay.

I can still get off and everything, but I feel like a freak because even though he says he's been with girls who've had larger breasts than mine, that he thinks mine are great, he rarely pays them attention.

I guess I'm just really self conscious and my question is does he not like them or does he just not realize how much the girls love getting his attention? I told him subtly one night that my hot spots were my neck and shoulders, especially my boobs, and my stomach. But he still doesn't give me hardly any foreplay. I'm shy about saying what I want during the act, and not sure how to without sounding silly or making it sound like he's not doing a good job...I feel awful because it just takes me forever to orgasm when he's going down because he didn't really warm me up before hand. Sometimes I feel like he's rushing, but he takes his time during actual sex.

Do guys prefer smaller boobs over big ones? I just feel like maybe I'm too much to handle and guys just aren't sure what to do with so much boob since they are definitely more than just a handful. I'm jealous of girls with B's and C's and I wish there was some way I could make mine smaller without having a reduction before I'm 30.

Any input of any kind would be great. Thanks!
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So I was talking to his room mates girlfriend one day while I was over at his place and we were talking about our boobs. I said I wanted to get a reduction at 30 if I had the money, and if I wasn't so poor, I'd have it done now.
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My guy was in the other room and overheard my comment, and said "You want WHAT?". Later he jokingly said he wasn't talking to me. I asked why not and he said "Because you want a reduction." I asked why that mattered and he said simply "I like them.". Hmmm
How do I get my guy to be more into foreplay, to pay the girls some attention, is he turned off by their size?
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