My boyfriend is telling me he wants me to have bigger boobs?

my boyfriend is telling me he wants me to have bigger boobs because its much better he told me. I don't have big boobs but I don't have small boobs also. he's been telling me to take a medicine to increase my estrogen or have it operated. I know people have different opinions.

so my question is any tips on how to make my boobs increase in size? I have a nice body but my boobs aren't that big. :(

i heard soy and beer will increase boobs size. is it true?hmm

no rude comments please. thanks

lol. thanks guys :)


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  • get a new bf


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  • Nothing makes them bigger except gaining weight and pregnancy (niether of which I recommend) It also depends on your age. You don't stop growing fully until 20 or 21 but it says your 18-24 years old, you probably won't grow anymore. Just be happy with what you have.

    P.S get a new boyfriend:)

    • the only other way is surgery. and I don't think she wants to go through that. besides like everyone else has said. she needs a new boyfriend. the guys a douche for saying he wants her to have bigger boobs. you go with someone because of who they are, not who you want them to be

    • Exactly. I mean, I'm only a 34A but my boyfriend isn't complaining. I'm sure he wouldn't mind them being bigger but he doesn't make any feel bad about it and he says he loves everything about me including my size. That's the kind of guy she needs, not someone making her feel like she has to be bigger in order to be better. Because that isn't true.

    • yeah sure I want my girlfriend to have bigger boobs. but I would NEVER EVER tell her that, I'm happy with what I got, she likes how I treat her, and I like how she treats me regardless of boob or even d*** size. size DOESNT matter

  • Tell him he needs to get a bigger d***.

    Seriously though, you should dump this loser. He's shallow and only looking out for #1, himself, and cares about himself more than your relationship.

  • umm truthfully I'd get a new boyfriend cus it's better to stick with what the man upstairs gave ya in the first place lol and boob massages work I guess lol it's ticklish my friend said lol