Do guys look down on strippers?

I'm at university and I've been a stripper for a couple years now. It makes really good, fast money and supports my lifetsyle. I'm curious about what guys think of strippers. I don't think too many men in my life would tell me to my face so I'm asking you all here.

theres a guy I'm in love with right now from school. he's so my type. kind, educated, hot, and he has such a big heart. he's one of those guys who you just think is genuinely good and they can't help but be that way. he loves me so much and we're great together. anyway we've been dating for about 8 months now and I'm ready to tell him about my job. I think he'll definitely understand my insecurity in telling him and why I waited so long, but I don't know if he'll be able to handle the fact that its what I do. he isn't really judgmental or anything like that because of who he is as a person, but I still don't know if he can handle me doing a job that involves other men treating me like a sexual object. I really don't want to lose him but I can't quit my job at all.

should I tell him I'm a stripper? how do you think he'll react? I wonder how much this matters to guys. I assume a lot but I'm not a prostitute. however, I have done private shows, vip section, I've done bachelor parties, etc. where I've done more than just stand in front of them. at bachelor parties, VIP, etc. especially there's a lot of interaction with the men. I can climb on top of them, they are allowed to touch me, etc. and often I'm completely naked when this happens. I do face temptation to do more than that in VIP section and the like because men basically have sick amounts of money and some women will do whatever the men want them too if they have enough cash. So I'm in that sort of environment at work. I asked one of my male friends about this and he asked what I had done at work the night I asked him. I told him about it and he said he didn't think any guy would tolerate some things even if I'm not actually having sex. for example, one thing that he said stuck out to him was a bachelor party I had done recently where I was naked and straddling the groom grinding my hips around on his underwear. I didn't do anything because I'm in a relationship but my friend did give him a blowjob and kissed me after he came in her mouth. I kissed him though. there were men groping my boobs and one guy kept sucking on my nipples. I got smacked in the butt a lot and guys were rubbing me in places that I shouldn't have allowed (use your imagination).

Do you think maybe if I lay off the bachelor parties and VIP or at least do them less often, and just do standard on stage shows with no physical contact that he'll be okay with that? I'm just really terrified of losing him. :(
Do guys look down on strippers?
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