Do guys really mean it when they say "real girls have curves?"

We all hear it, "I want a girl with curves, not a girl with the body of a 12 year old boy;" "real girls have curves;" "real girls have some meat on their bones." You know what? I think that's a load of BS. Why? Just think for a minute who guys really noticeably check out, whack off to and say nice things about. Does she ever have a little tummy, some cellulite or a little double chin? Not who I've seen. All the most popularly desirable woman - Victoria's Secret models, starlets, p*rn stars, that one chick every guy wanted in high school - does not have a "little meat on her bones." What they all have in common is a teeny waist, with big boobs and/or ass - a nearly impossible figure, unless you're lucky like them. Look at Marissa Miller, Maxims #1 on the Hot 100 countdown of 2008; she is model thin - if you look at an untouched photo of her, she still has a great body in my opinion, but in the eyes of several men she shouldn't be desirable because her ribs are quite visible. However, she seems to make up for it with her... what are they, like, DDs? DDDs? I don't know. The point is, if she had very small breasts, like Kate Moss, I have a feeling guys would call her "too skinny." Same with stars with "booty," - look at Beyonce, Jlo, Kim Kardashian - BIG ass, TEENY waist. On top of that, how many men do you see clamoring over bigger stars like Aretha Franklin, America Ferrera or even those chicks from the Dove commercials? Women who actually have some meat on their bones...

The fact is fellas, when girls get eating disorders, it's not because we want to look like a 12 year old boy - I know because I speak from past experience (don't worry, I'm better now). All we want is to attain some aspect of an attractive woman, and because not every girl is lucky enough to be born with big hips and the ability to grow huge boobs, we go for something we can control: our waist size. You think girls actually want small boobs and a flat butt? Hell no! If you all actually practiced what you preached, then maybe we'd have the confidence to let ourselves become voluptuous; but no... you all call us fat too.

So tell me... WTF DO YOU GUYS ACTUALLY WANT? Big ass, tiny waist, big boobs, or big ass, big tummy, and big boobs,hm?

(At least girls are more honest and admit they want a man that's got a six pack and some arms...)

/annoyingrant :p
Do guys really mean it when they say "real girls have curves?"
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