Cute,sexy and funny text to send to your bf/gf..

list some cute, sexy and funny text here's my favorite 10

1: hey I really need your help?(what?what is it)i lost somthing in my bed!can you help me find it?

2:just wanted to let you know what people are saying behind your back!(what?)nice ass!

3:if there going to a party,trip,or watch the game with the guys"hope you have a good time!after party at my house :) "

4:Those beautiful eyes, that incredible body, such a brain, a sexy mouth, nice smile ... but that is enough about me, tell me how you are?

5:Mobile sex: push 1 for oral, 2 for anal, 3 for normal, 4 for a trio, 5 for SM and for everything ... dial my number!

6:Q: What's the definition of Trust? A: Two cannibals giving each other a blowjob.

7:Last night I coodnt sleep.i wantd you warm against my skin.i wantd you on me.i wantd 2 feel you all over my body.. but I coodnt find u!Where did I put my PYJAMAS?

8:“Hey, babe. I’m buying sexy new panties today. Should I get them in red, hot pink or…

(pause a minute to build anticipation)

You: …a crotchless pair? :)”

9: “Honey, we need a bottle of wine and some bread for dinner tonight…and while you’re at it, get one of those cans of whipped cream. I’m going to use it on you later :)”

10:I am having problems with my lessons in human bodies.could you spare some time to teach me some when I m home alone?


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  • Is your phone smiling? ..Why? Because I know I would be if you were holding me.

    In the middle of having sex, just have your phone handy and text the person your having sex with saying "hey this is real fun"


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