Why would my boyfriend want me to go to the strip club with him?

I'm 24 he's 55 and he's never forced me but brought up that he want me to go to the strip club or to a titty bar or anywhere like that with him? He says all his past girlfriends never had a problem with it that they they always liked the idea of checking out some of the women or their outfits for ex reasons... When I asked him why he would want to go with me and not his guy friends? He just said he is the type of man that likes 2 take his girlfriends everywhere with him rather than his guy friends ... Now by the way I'm a pretty cute thin girl but I am extremely insecure and I try my best everyday to not be that way.. It does bother me that he would want other women t*ts and ass in his face when he's got mine but at the same time I accept it but rather him go alone than me be there all awkward.. I just don't get why he wants to do these things with me he barley takes me out to a regular clap he says he likes strip clubs because there nice and spacious and all this other bs I feel sad because I feel like he doesn't care about my feelings at all... I mean to want to take me somewhere and have a great looking women put her ass in my face would make him happier than doing things I like every now and then and making me smile.. I don't get it he says a lot of women check out other women and its true but if I ever done that was because I was jealous of her I don't know what to think


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  • What the hell are you doing with a 55 year old dude?

    Maybe he is a sadochist that wants you to feel embarassed.Or maybe he just wants you to think the possibility of having a threesome with him and another woman. That's probably why he is trying to "broaden your horizons". This man is definitely using you. He doesn't respect you, plus he takes you for granted. Why are you torturing yourself by being with him? Dump him and go get a decent guy.

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