He doesn't get an erection?

I've been dating this guy for a while now, and we've been making out and fooling around a little bit. Although we've both agreed not to have sex (we're both saving it for marriage), he still feels me up in the boob/ass areas and we'll make out with me straddling him or whatever.

When I used to do stuff like this with my ex, he would ALWAYS get an erection. Although he never said it, I felt it. But my current boyfriend has yet to have one, or at least I haven't felt it yet. He says its because he knows that this is how far its going to go, but my previous boyfriend knew that too and still got excited. So why hasn't he had one yet? Is he not attracted to me? Or do you think he has and I just haven't been able to tell? Does this mean he could have a small penis?

He doesn't get an erection?
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