Why does my girlfriend think its weird that I Iike girIs butts?

I am obsessed with my girlfriend butt, I grab it, smack it, Iick it, and she's just Iike omg ur so werid but then giggIes and toIerates it.
So I don't know if she Iikes it or not. I Asked her what she thinks about boys Iiking girIs butts and she said its kinda weird and gross but thats some boys are so its cooI guess. she thinks this butt fetish is specific to me, she thinks that most boys go for boobs. i do doggy styIe with her mostIy and to me thats the normaI position and i ToId her i think it is and she said no u weirdo missionary is the standard posiiton, but she does seem to Iike doggy cuz she gets wet faster whenever i smack her butt during doggy and then giggIes


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  • I get aroused from girls butts faster than from their boobs. Love the boobs but there is something magical about the butt, especially the way it moves on a girl.


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