How to rock my boyfriend's world?

i want to know details from a guy on how exactly I should attack him.. literally.

i mean push him down on the couch, take my clothes off give a lap dance and get him excited..

then what? blow job? just climb on top and ride him? what are the best positions?


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  • You want details, here's an idea: make plans to go out for dinner (not to his favorite place, just somewhere) and then when he comes to get you when its time, ravish him. Give him the impression that you want to go to dinner, but you can't control your lust. Push him down (onto a bed if possible, couch if not) and straddle him and rub. take his shirt off, then stop and look at the clock as though you are trying to decide between sex and food. Take a piece of clothing off either him or yourself every time you look at the clock during making out. The idea is for him to feel that you are torn not because he isn't attractive, but because your passion is practically taking control and moving your body despite what your brain is thinking. Eventually be down to panties and boxers, and reach down and let him out. Don't even take your panties off, pulling them to the side is much better for the "losing control" feeling you are creating. don't put him in directly, hover on the head, so he can feel how wet you are and how badly you want it, then slam down hard and ride him hard.Do that until either you collapse after a big orgasm or he takes control and starts changing position himself. After you have both exhausted your passions a bit, tell him you have something you can eat here (microwaveable meals are fine) because you don't want to go out, you want to go down, then blow him until he's hard and have fun all night. This is a variant of what my girlfriend did to me our first time having sex (her first time at all) and it was easily the hottest night of my life. Give it a shot, if you think you can pull it off.


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  • well honey if that's what you want to do, go for it, but depending on the size difference between you and your BF, there's TONS of different ones to try...

    my suggestion is to check out this site and look at the different positions and definitely take a look at erogenous zones. it's what my fiancé and I did. and I wish you luck