How do you prefer to position your legs when being eaten out?

For both girls who have been eaten out and haven't (if not what you think you'd like). I am a virgin but am eager to eat vagina so much, I just would find it so sexy to be able to make her moan and feel good

What way do you prefer your legs while being eaten? is one way more comfertable than another and what do you prefer.

Also is it a turn on or does nothing for you if a guy drinks it.

anything else you want to add for tips and what you like...


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  • i like my legs to be spread apart and over the guys shoulders. licking from the bottom the the vigina up to the clit feels really good and then you can flick your tounge against the clit or press it against it or anything like that because doing stuff to th eclit gives so much pleasure. and drinking it is a turn on to me. and sticking your tounge in, moving it around a bit then pulling it out feels great. hope this helped. ;D have fun

    • thanks! I can't wait till I get a chance to practice that, I hope the girl I do it to won't mind me gaining experience on her :(

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    • would you find it a problem if he was bad at it, but wanted to eat you out as much as possible to get better? I don't wanna suck

    • i think if you tell her that its your first time and then try out whatever seems right. ask you what she thought of it and ask how you could do better. that's the best way to do it. its what my boyfriend did.

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  • usually they are just spread with partner between them but it would not be unusual for me to change positions while enjoying the oral

  • i like 2 ways the most,

    when my legs are spread over his shoulders

    or when he's dominant and takes control and is a bit rough and holds my legs all the back to my face and has his way with me...such a turn on...


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