Why do women buy padded bras?

So I work in lingerie retail. Every day, some of the most popular bras is padded and adds 1-2 cup sizes, depending on which bra you get.

I understand some women can be insecure about their breast size, just as men are insecure about their penis size. Yet this isn't just women with A or B cups, it's women with C, D, and even DD cups who buy these things too.

Some of the women I have asked say it's because men like bigger breasts. Some men do, some don't and prefer petite breasts, some like me enjoy breasts of all sizes. I've talked to many guys as well and they find it frustrating if the girl they were attracted to turns out to have attributes that are not even there.

Guys fantasize what women look like with their clothes off and vice versa. We get a mental image of what you look like based off of what your figure looks like over your clothing. So it is a bit disconcerting when I find out that I've been imagining and fantasizing about what isn't real or even there. This can also be true for women who hide their bust and make it look like they have less than they do, but women don't tend to do this as often. How would you feel about a guy who wore long sleeves but had massive ripped muscles (biceps, pecs, etc.) that you could see through the shirt and then when things get hot and heavy and the shirt came off, you find out it's only a muscle suit?

Please enlighten me to this strange practice. Also, for guys, how do you feel when you like a girl and find out she's quite a bit smaller under the shirt than she lead you to believe?
Why do women buy padded bras?
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