How can you tell if a guy finds you attractive?

Are there any signs?

lol I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this sort of thing.


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  • About the only thing a guy will do that constitutes a sign is quickly looking away when he notices you catching him looking at you, trying to act like it never happened. Or, if he knows he's busted, maybe give a little smile.

    Guys don't really do "signs". We communicate through words and don't really do body language or subtle hunts. And it frustrates us when girls do because a lot of the time we just don't get it.

    • Hunts = hints. sorry, spelling error.

    • So if I look a guy in the eye and he dosn't look away is that a bad sign?

    • Well like I said he'll react one of two ways if he's interested . . . he'll either quickly look away if he wants to try and play it cool like he wasnt checking you out, or if he knows he's been busted, hell keep looking and give you a little smile

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  • I usually touch her arm or her shoulder a lot. I have a since of humor so I usually go with some playful teasing. One girl went by "Missy" so I would call her "misty" things like that.

    • I have a male friend who does the arm touching, playful teasing, tickling, gave me "bruiser" as a nickname (long story), and does dumb jokes around me. But I've noticed as of late and this could be a coincidence but all that happens when we're alone or few people around..but if its more people around its like he either gets distracted or what not but barely talks to me and I know he knows I'm there. He doesn't even have a generic conversation with me either.

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    • Is touching her lower back when you walk by her a sign?

    • Sarah,

      I would say that it is. I wouldn't do that unless I picked up on a vibe that she likes me too. Maybe just a little too personal, especially the first couple of times you have seen each other.

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  • When every time yall are a distance from each other in you know he's looking at you.

    Also if he stares at you when your talking to your friends.If he's really interested in you he'll pay attention to you instead of any aspect of your body!