When do women stare at men's crotches?


I just got home from the mall and in the middle of shopping for a couple of things I ran into an old acquaintance/lady friend from high school...I treated her to a coffee there, we chatted and in the middle of the convo I noticed her eyes wandering a bit...

I keep talking about the subject and as I'm talking I noticed that she's starring at my crotch for a solid 5 seconds, and literally turning her head to force herself NOT to look, but her eyes didn't cooperate lol...

So I did the "natural" thing, I called her out on it! Hahaha, I'm bad (evil grin). As I called her out on it, I sort of smiled out of flattery and said "you're starring at my crotch, huh?!" she tried playing it off while she blushed and laughed and said, "Oh my God, WHAT?!"

Finally she admitted it...I cocked my head back and laughed so she couldn't hold back either...(good times)

*So my question is: How often do you ladies glance/stare/peek at a guy's crotch?

*When are the most common moments you do?

(Sorry for the long story...it's always best to paint a scenario) ;)



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  • well obviously this girl likes you :) either that or she had just noticed either a damp patch or a big boner lol, seriously the only time a girl looks there is if she is having naughty thoughts about you ;)

    • HAhaha, I'm as clean as can be...no damp patches/stains on my pants! :P

      Nope, no boner either, haha...I was wearing regular fitted Khaki pants (if that makes a difference), so maybe I had a clear bulge idk...she's def very cute, so if she does have naughty thoughts about me I'd be pretty flattered.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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  • I don't often look at a guy's crotch. I'm more of a chest girl...like, there's this one really good looking guy I know, and sometimes he wears a button down and a little of his chest hair peeks out...that's when I can't stop staring. However, this same guy has a serious problem with talking to my boobs instead of my face, so whenever he does that, I stare at his crotch until he knocks it off. :)

    • Hmm...sounds like a good trade-off, thanks for the tip! Lol jk

      I get it though, everyone has their thing...so would you say chest is a very common thing for women to be drawn to, or are you just the minority?

    • I think a lot of women are attracted to a good looking chest in some way, I mean, after all, look how girly we all get when we see a shirtless actor haha. But for me at least, there's a line. I'm not a big fan of really muscled Jersey Shore-type chests, I like smaller muscles...but every girl likes something different.

  • Honestly, women don't typically stare at a man's crotch even if we're attracted to a guy. it's just not the way it works. Typically, when a woman is seriously lusting after a guy, she's checking out his face, chest, shoulders, and ESPECIALLY the butt.

    ONE time, I stared at a guy's crotch but it was because I was spacing out and didn't even realize what my eyes were focused on. I HAVE sneaked glances at the butt of the guys I really like tho.

    Crotch however, never even registered on my radar.

    • Hmm, interesting...the butt thing, I've gotten that before a couple of times and it's whatever to me (it's cute and I take it as playful flirting), but in this case...any thoughts as to why she was so obviously focused? Lol

      For the record, this girl is a fun-loving girl who is also fairly reserved...I don't want to portray her as forward or anything negative! :)


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    • LOL weird how you commented back the moment I logged on.

      But cross my heart and hope to die, I really honestly feel nothing on the rare occasion I accidentally glance at a guy's groin because he's sitting with his legs apart. The guy is always wearing pants so there's nothing to get freaked out about. And I simply immediately look away when I snap back into reality and realize what I'm looking at. When a girl is ACTIVELY checking out a guy, she really DOES look at his upper body and face.

    • Lol, it's a sign...since my crotch isn't drawing you, my messages do :) jk

      I get it for sure, and if I notice that I'm being checked out (chest, butt, face, etc), I don't make a big deal out of it...in this case though, I had to take it in, analyze how obvious it was, and analyze it some more...to the point that I just NEEDED a second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth opinion. (I love encountering old school "buddies" lol )

  • we don't...

  • I have before looked at a guys crotch by accident - happened to be in my line of sight. But sounds like your girl purposely checked you out and I only do that if I want to have sex with the guy - like ready played a few different positions in my head haha. So funny you called her out on it! So it didn't embarress you at all or make you feel uncomfortable?

  • sometime I just can't help it! and sometimes its not to guys I like either... I don't know why I do but I hope noones ever noticed! I mean I caught myself staring at my history teachers crotch once and I am NOT attracted to him at all so I really just don't know

  • I never do it on purpose and I don't think any other girl really means to. The only time I lock eyes on a guys crotch is if I'm sitting down and a guy is standing. I mean, I kinda can't help it, you know? It's right THERE in my face.

    • Hahaha, I don't necessarily think it's RIGHT THERE but sure, let's go with that ;)

      That would be the equivelant to our butt starring/boob watching...somethings are just TOO good to pass by I guess!

    • omg yes I do that too, i really don't mean to but I'm very short, so when i meet guys that are way taller than me their crotch is usually closer to my field of vision than their face is LOL it was really quite awkward with my ex boss (not the reason I quit tho lol)

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  • Not many women are this bold...I can't remember the last time I saw a woman actually staring like this as opposed to just a little glance that you couldn't be sure about..

    • Tell me about it! I was thinking about it on the drive home kind of smiling to myself...def a new one for me!

  • Man am I glad you asked that question. It happens at work to me, a lot, and being a shorter guy, it's not because it's up in their face. It's rather odd... and sometimes it's to the point I'll be talking and they are staring, and I'll change the way I'm standing to see if they will answer the question I just asked. Glad I'm not the only one scratching my head over this one... ladies, any ideas here?