I cheated & don't feel bad? :/

Basically, me and my boyfriend have been togeva for like I don't know 5 months? and idk, we're having a big of weird patch, it seems like we have nothing to talk about anymore.. all we do is f***.

basically I went to see my ex and things got kinda heated and it ended up with him ontop of me with us making out. it didn't go any further because I stopped it, he has a girlfriend too. I don't feel bad though, I missed the way my ex's hands felt on me.. I mean, he cheated and we'll never date again, but idk.. I don't know if I love my new boyfriend yet, but I still care for my ex. I don't think I should tell my boyfriend because he'd get upset.

is it normal that I don't feel guilty?
+1 y
i'm 19 if it matters.
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if I go this far, will having sex wth my ex make a differecne?
I cheated & don't feel bad? :/
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