Do you see certain races as more dominant or masculine than others?

This is an interesting point of view. I was talking to this guy about race and dating and it shifted into ideas of masculinity and femininity. This guy said he thinks certain races have more dominant and masculine qualities than others, using this as a reason as to why he will date some but not the others. His favorite women were Asian women, and he said that Asian women were what he really wanted, generally submissive type and the most feminine women. He said this is why Asian men have such a hard time dating in America, because men here are supposed to be masculine and more dominant, and asians are built with "feminine features" and the women have more submissive personalities usually, which leads more men in America to be attracted to them. To the opposite extreme, he had black people, saying that black women were the most masculine and dominant women in both appearance and personality, generally but not all of them. He said this is why black women are known for having the lowest marriage rates and why its such a common thing for successful black women to find partners. They are not only masculine and dominant, but now they are very successful as well. This, he said, is not a good match for black men because they are the most masculine and dominant men. They need a more submissive type to match them perfectly. Again, generally, but not all of them. He was explaining to me that this is why so many black men get women of other races, because they are the most dominant in manner and personality and the most masculine in appearance. A white, asian, etc. woman will see a black man and if she likes him, she will submit to him more readily than a black woman will on average. The black woman's masculinity and dominance is what leaves her at a disadvantage with dating the generally less masculine white and asian men. She may not even be interested because of their lack of masculinity, even though that may be a better match for her. The white, asians may be intimidated by her as well, even if she likes them. White women are somewhere in the middle, he said, with a combination of the two but still leaning further toward the feminine side than black women, but not as feminine as asian women and even native american women too. When it comes to latina women, because they are not all the same race, it depends on the girl, but their culture is generally very macho, so they might be more submissive than black girls in varying levels. Culture was important in his theory, because all of this is American based. He said he thought some black women from areas where feminism is not such a huge influence on equality in society, like countries in africa, and places like that, will be more submissive and less dominant than american black women, but still the most masculine in appearance. Its a lot but I wanted to make it as clear as possible! If you got through reading all of this lol what do you think? do you agree or disagree and explain why?
Do you see certain races as more dominant or masculine than others?
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