Should I ask him where we stand & if yes, how?

basically.. me & this guy have been "dating" for about 3 months now.

everything started out..somewhat normal.. but we took things too fast. we have already had sex, numerous times, went away for a weekend, but have only actually gone out on a DATE like, 2-3 times.

from the beginning we both said we weren't looking for anything serious, & the subject came up several times after that, with the same conclusion. he switched jobs[bc I met him at our job] & since then, I've only seen him once a week, but we talk every day. in the past 2 weeks I've only seen him ONCE. still talking everyday about how much we want to see each other etc, but I don't see an actual interest in him wanting to see him. words words words is all I hear/read. once, I had a picture with a guy friend of mine, & he asked if I could change cause he didn't want to see a picture of me with another guy[understandable] HOWEVER, before that & since, he has been putting up pictures with other girls. I don't know if it was looking for me to tell him something about them or not, but I never made a comment until just the other day. when I told him "nice picture" he said thanks but later on took it off. to finish this up, basically.. I am kind of feeling like this.. w.e it was is over, yet we still talk & yesterday he asked me to go to the movies with him, which I couldn't go, but once I let him know that, I never got an answer from him[ as if he didn't really care?]

not to mention that he has thrown some words at me that confuse me, regarding where this is going or if it's going to go anywhere[ex. including me in future plans..?]

so, obviously, I need to know where this stands, but I just don't know how to bring it up or how to actually ask him what this is. cause last week I asked him if there was something that he needed to tell me or that I should know[bc I got a feeling that he's dating someone else, & he said there is nothing..-.-] I also told him I asked because he's been careless with me lately & he actually admitted it, but hasn't changed.

ps:: yeah, he's 23 & I'm 19.
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oh.. not to mention that.. we have not had sex since one time I thought I was prego... didn't really show much interest in him for 2 weeks until I found out I wasnt. I told him, we were both relieved, we kept on talking etc, til what you read above.
Should I ask him where we stand & if yes, how?
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