What does it mean for a guy to tell you he wants to see you naked?

if a guy tells you, you turn him on and he wants to see you naked, does this mean he really fancies you and wants to be with you or only sleep with you?

i mean is this just physical, and not emotional? does this have nothing to do with any kind of connection or chemistry?

why would a guy want to see a particular girl naked? especially when there are so many easier naked girls about to look at


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  • Simple, does a statement that has the word naked in it sound deeply emotional? No, No it doesn't. Nothing about that statement suggests he really fancies you, it all suggests sex. Why does he say it to you? Because he wants to see you naked? I'd be suprised if he wasn't asking other girls, and the only reason he mightn't is because he thinks you're the better looking one.

    • but he's called me pretty many times too, so that doesn't mean anything?

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    • If he can say 'I want to see you naked', What? you think he's too shy to ask you out or tell you he likes you? Yes he was after for sex, and nothing else... Many guys do it, so don't beat yourself up over it.

    • I agree. Good answer. "I want to see you naked" hardly sounds like something a guy looking for a real relationship would say.

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  • I think if he only makes it a physical thing meaning he only talks about seeing you naked and doesn't say anything else to show that he's emotionally interested in you then he's probably just trying to have sex with you. It doesn't say much about chemistry on his part if you're just going off of that other than the fact that he finds you attractive. Honestly if he's not showing any effort to talking to you or trying to date you then I wouldn't doubt him saying that to other girls as well that you don't know about.