Girls: have you ever seen a guy pee in public?

if so have you tried to see his penis?

if you saw it, would it turn you on?


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  • I saw a homeless man peeing in public. It was gross. I didn't try to see his penis.


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  • I won't lie; I am ever amazed by human curiosity. During my lifetime I don't think I've ever had a thought that would ever allude to this question. Kudos man. Whatever led you to this is rare, genuine, and probably has something to do with Adult Swim.

    • its a interesting question. I find peeing in public or communal peeing a facinating topic. by the way what's adult swim?

    • Rule #34 is profound. Adult Swim is something that, if you don't know what it is, isn't worth knowing about.

    • Living in Guatemala, I learned a legal provision intending to protect the indigenous from arrest for their normal customs made public urination legal (for everyone). I was surprised at how unabashedly some men did, with female passersby seeing everything (still legal). Being from the U.S., I had to try it once or twice. On remote roads, when a girl came, I pulled it out in front of her as if I had to pee. Some of them didn't look, but some did... and put their hands over their mouths and giggled.