Girls, when sitting on a guys lap, does your p**** feel anything?

This is a little hard to explain, but I was hoping to get some perspective from the girls.

In pictures I've seen, it seems when a girl is in a seated position, her p**** lips are squeezed between, and flush with, her legs. It almost looks like she's sitting on her vagina.

In that position, can you feel things through your clothes (say a pair of jeans), like a penis getting harder.


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  • You mean sitting on a guys lap facing forward? It doesn't have to be touching your p**** to be able to feel it, you can feel it against your butt.


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  • hey dude... come on...

    We being girls, we can surely feel penis getting harder underneath when we happen to sit with our legs apart touching your penis... we love that feel someone d***ing our ******

  • lol yea, I can feel that XD

  • Somtimes. If the erection is hitting our vagina we can feel the hardness pressing against us. I think it's more of a mental pleasure, just knowing your penis is close to our vagina...

    If you don't mind me asking a question, what is balloon sex?

    • Balloon sex? I've never even heard of that.

    • Oh, so it's not just me. I saw a question that said, "Do women like balloon sex." The user had cancelled his account, so I could ask him what he meant by that, lol.

    • Some folks enjoy balloons as sexual objects. For example, putting a ballon between your legs and squeezing feels good against your pussy. It also provides a thrill in that you don't know when it will explode. When it does pop, say during your orgasm, that can be quite stimulating. I know this because I had a girlfriend who saw it on Real Sex, and wanted to try it. It was fun.

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  • I want to see this picture but when a girl sits on my lap I try to get a hard boner she can feel.

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