Why does she tease me?

Story is, I've known this girl for a little over a year. She has told me several times that she isn't ready for sex, and I respect that, but she constantly teases me when we webcam by pulling her shirt super low and showing some serious cleavage, which is torturous, considering she's a D-cup. I tell her this, but she just keeps going with it. I think the fact that I showed her me pitching a tent in my PJs was a bit of mistake, because she's unrelenting.

Why is she doing all of this if she still isn't ready?

I've asked, and she promises me that I'm the only guy she does this with. (She's told me before "Girls that show a lot of cleavage are pretty much always sluts at my school.", and I agree with that statement in general.)

Also, she's the one that instigates it all. So... why does she do it? Is it for an ego boost or what...?


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  • Haha I actually do that to my boyfriend all the time. It's just funny to me because I can tell how turned on he gets and I don't even have to try. It doesn't mean anything, it's just flirting. And showing clevage doesn't necessarily mean a girl is a slut. I haven't gone any further than first base, and I've only been with one guy before, and I love wearing low-cut shirts. (:

    • Do you show him your pink starfish over the cam?

    • Who the hell says pink starfish? You mean pink taco?

    • Wait. Took a second. I get it now.. har-har.

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  • i mean it could be an ego boost.. she could also like to get you're comments and attention. haha, this sounds really funny. maybe she just likes to tease you because that's her way of flirting. and maybe she just really wants to keep you interested.

    it really all depends on her... just because she's willing to show some cleavage doesn't necesarilu mean she's ready for sex. its hard to answer this because it could be a number of things. she may even just be really proud and confident about her D-cup boobs. and she probably knows that you like it.

    it could be any of these things. haha, I guess you're just going to have to guess.


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  • You should definitely work on seeing other girls. That way if she continues to be all tease and no please, it'll be fine, because you can always call up someone more satisfying when you're done talking with her. What you need, my friend, are OPTIONS.