My girl can squirt but she also told me ex had a penis as big as her wrist actually and he not little chick

she only squirted 2 or 3 times with me could that be because her ex was WAY WAY THICKER?She had me believing I was the biggest for first 6 mon. of relationship the nto find out I had been dwarfted in thickness makes me crazy


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  • I can only speak for myself personally, but size has nothing to do with making me squirt. In fact, I'm most likely to squirt when my partner is fingering me because he's able to go really fast with his fingers for a decent length of time---and fingers are generally thinner than a penis.

    • have you done it from straight sex and if so was the big ? if you squirt do you always have an orgasm?

    • Yes, I've squired from sex, but I just said that size has nothing to do with it. It has to do with him being able to go really fast for as long as it takes to get me there. Sometimes I squirt at the same time as when I orgasm, and sometimes they're separate.

  • I don see why guys get so weird about this. Who cares if her ex's penis was bigger, she's with you now not him. If you can please her with yours then I'm sure she's happy.

    • I don see why guys get so weird about this."

      same applies with boobs, yet girls freak


    • But its a penis!? If you have one, its guaranteed to give pleasure, so why freak out?

    • becuase some girls are "i only do 8" or more, less and it's crap" so we're all selfconscious about it

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