I'm obsessed with large breasts?

I'm consumed by them. It is all I think about...funny thing is that I've never had a woman with large breasts...to the big busted girls/women out there, how do I go about getting a girl like you? Are there times where you think about just having a guy play with your boobs?

I'm actually your run of the mill athletic, nice and respectful guy..I, interestingly enough, felt like at that particular moment, needed to express my carnal desires. Please excuse me if I come across as awkward or creepy. But I do have a fascination.


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  • Just out of curiosity what do you consider large? Well for the most part big breasted women are no different then small breasted women. We want a guy that respects up and treats us right. Talking to my breasts, salivating over them, or not paying attention to what I am saying because you are obsessed with my breasts will turn me off not sure about other girls. No I have never really thought about a guy just playing with my boobs as a fantasy. I mean I like it but I sure need more then my boobs played with to get me off.

    • I don't know...I'd say D and above...Then again, C's are pretty big as well. Don't worry, I'm not the perve that will just stand there and stare at your breasts. I'm very attentive and notice that you had large breasts, but I'd maintain eye contact. Now, if I was to slip a bit and look down, I would realize that and try not to do it again. As for the fantasy, thanks for the insight.

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  • Theres no difference between girls with big and small boobs, they are just women afterall. Maybe you are just so intrigued by big boobs that you become a bit of a sleaze around women with big boobs (gawking at them, perhaps?) so they kind of get the wrong impression of you. Just a guess.

    • I'm none of the things that you describe. I try to by respectful at all times...interestingly, it seems to me that the assholes that actually point out the girls boobs are the ones that always get the girls. Bad guys always win...maybe I should be the bad guy.

  • I'm always happy to see a guy who appreciates big breasts, I have exceptionally large ones for my age (19) and am always willing to share them with appreciative people such as yourself, interested hit me up ;) xxx

  • I think you want them because you never had a women with big ones.

    • I don't think that's the case. I really do appreciate women with larger breasts. I think it may be because they accentuate the female form...I appreciate everything about the female breasts

  • i wouldn't say there is a personality difference at all.

    i mean, that's like saying, "how do I attract a guy that

    can roll his tongue". it's irrelevant.

    i have a larger chest, but I wouldn't wanted to be treated

    differently BECAUSE of my breast size.

    when approaching a female with a larger bust,

    don't make it known that you're infatuated with them.

    that can be seen as awkward, perhaps creepy.

    it's "normal" [bell curve style] that you enjoy

    the sight, and changes are, the experience of a larger bust.

    ..there isn't a trick, just don't talk to her chest,

    make eye contact & then enjoy the assets later.

    • I'm actually a really nice and respectful guy. I give women all the respect they deserve. I realize that all women are the same no matter their features. It's just that women with bigger busts are so rare that it's really hard to find you girls...

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