Do you think pregnancy is a sexist process?

Only women can get pregnant. Why? Why is that?

Only women have to deal with it. And before you say "oh just deal with it" or whatever, listen.

All pregnancies and pregnancy symptoms are different, but every woman WILL have to go through:

- Labor and delivery. Sure, not all women push the 8 pound thing out of their vagina, and even if you do there's medicine to numb pain, but does that make it an easy task? No. There's complications with it, and complications with the alternative cesaran section, so.

- Nausea and vomiting. Some get lucky and get one but not the other, and some get a limited amount of time like only one month's worth of it. But it still happens.

- Getting big and carrying around a growing baby for 9 months. This can cause self-consciousness, back pain, limited mobility, etc.

- Constant peeing.

- The pains of prenatal care. Gyno anyone?

- Other and multiple physical and emotional changes.

Not to mention the things that some women MAY have to deal with, while others may not...

- Sore/leaking breasts.

- The worry of telling parents/friends.

- Getting looked at wherever you go.

- The question of what to do with it: keep it, abort it, adopt it.

- Bathroom problems like constipation, hemorrhoids, bladder infection.

- The actual parenting once the kid is out, for those that decide to keep it.

- The guilt/loss of aborting or adopting.

- For teenagers and young/unmarried adults, the shame of being pregnant.

- Endless and multiple physical and emotional changes.

Now you may be saying "the guy has to deal with sh*t, too so it's not sexist."


What does the guy have to deal with?

Moodiness? The fact that the girl may not want to have sex as often anymore? Being woken up at 5 in the morning because she's getting sick in the toilet? Having to run out to the store at 3am to get pickles and ice cream because she has the weirdest cravings?


How about you be the one who has to run and puke the very second you wake up? Would you like to be depressed one second, horny the next, and uncontrollably angry after that without even knowing why? How about changing your diet and eating schedule to accommodate for the fetus growing inside you?

Do men have to deal with any of that?


Sure, if the couple wants to have kids and has to go through miscarriages first, it's sad for the dad too... But he's not the one whose body has to deal with it.

Men play one part and one part only in pregnancy, and that is knocking the girl up. After that, it's all the woman. Some men don't even stick around to help make it easier on her.

I know I missed a lot of symptoms and things that can completely blow about pregnancy, but my point remains... No matter how you feel about it, maybe you wanted a kid or you didn't, pregnancy is not pain free. Even if you've wanted a kid your whole life and are SOOO EXCITED about it finally coming true, the entire 9 months are not going to be filled with nothing but joy.

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There will be aches, there will be pains, there will be changes you don't expect or want, there will be lots of things that you don't like.

And by 'you' I am talking to all the women, because pregnancy can only be done by a woman.

That. Is. Sexist.
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I don't believe in god but if I did, I would have to tell you: he is definitely a male. Only a male would say "well gee let's see, pregnancy looks awful hard and painful... f*** it, the woman can deal with it."
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If god was a woman, pregnancy would go both ways.

Just saying. Guys? Don't have to deal with it. It's a sexist invention.

Agree? Disagree?

Do you think pregnancy is a sexist process?
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