Do girls care if a guy has saggy balls? like is it weird?

i know its an odd or weird question, but in all honesty do girls care if a guys balls are really saggy most of the time? I have a small soft penis but is average when hard. but it looks odd when I'm soft because my balls are a lot longer than my penis. its kind of

plz b honest...criticism is welcome


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  • Saggy balls are hot when I can feel them smacking my ass during sex, its awesome. You shouldn't be embarased everyone's body is diferent you should be happy that at least you are proportional because it could be worse.

    • agreed. It's very sexy when they're smacking the butt area, or thigh, depending on the position. I like a guy packing something down there. Big penis' and no boys to compliment it seems awkward to me. Then again, I grew up in a stable surrounded by stallions all my life, if you know what I mean

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  • Most girls won't care. We aren't checking out your sac in the moment.

    And if a girl is criticizing your equipment when she's got you naked and hard, you've got bigger issues

  • well I love sagging scrotums with heavy testicles bringing them down. If they hang lower than your flaccid penis, then that's fine. But if that's all you got, I still find it sexy. I'm a scrotum loving girl -- I like them big, though if they're not sagging and just sit up tight full like a softball, just like a horse, then that's fine by me as well.

    • lol that's cool...most girls don't care about balls to much and therefore neglect them. I'm sure you're very good with showing them extra attention

    • I grew up in a stable, seen lots of horse testicles, so I've grown to love and appreciate them in men in a way city girls have not -- least so it seems on this website. It's a beautiful and extremely alluring part of a man to me, so I find it a very sexy addition to his penis.

    • Nothin sexier than a girl talkin about horse scrotums, amiright? :D

  • Aren't they all saggy...?

  • My boyfriend has saggy balls and I am kind of into it. I actually like it when they smack me during sex.


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  • I don't understand when you say saggy balls. As long as a guy isn't cold, our balls are all saggy. it's normal

    • I have a small soft penis too dude. We are growers not showers. Most girls won't be seeing our d***s when they're soft anyway so don't stress about it.

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    • I hear you man. Changing in the locker room and being at the urinals makes us feel inadequate but truth it those other guys don't get much bigger when they get hard and we double or triple in size. But I get what your saying. I would prefer to be a shower

    • I actually think its hotter having a guy who's a grower, there's more of a sense of satisfaction when you get him hard, plus its fun when he's soft, getting him hard with your tongue and feeling him grow back into your throat, but that's just me

  • Only the girl can say that. Each girl have a different thought of what the prefect penis and balls look like, so some girls will like it, but other wont. When you are in sex it doesn't matter, as long as the semen comes.