Don't black ladies know that white guys find them hot?

Okay, I have to get this off my chest...

I am 38, white and happily married (but not dead). I've noticed something recently that has really begun to bother me...

Like I said, I've been married for almost 13 years, but I've always enjoyed flirting. I don't mean that I stare like a creep, but sure, I look, and sometimes I'll even offer some respectful compliments to a lady that I find attractive.

Now, me, I find black women just as a attractive as any other women - certain ones even more so, I think. I mean, I just love a nice, solidly built black lady with curvy ass, straight hair, full lips, and that big beautiful smile. The deep dark eyes are to die for, too...

But lately, whenever I attempt to flirt with an ebony cutie, I either get completely ignored, or, sometimes even "weird" looks (especially from the younger ones), like "are you really looking at me?" (yes, you're hot!)

Am I crazy? Do black women simply not find white men attractive anymore? Is it because I am married? I am not intimidating looking at all... I mean, white women respond to me, when I flirt. What's the deal?
Don't black ladies know that white guys find them hot?
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