Should women who support male circumcision be clitorectomized to make things fair?

  • Yes, I understand the importance of the foreskin and value men's rights
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  • No, I'm a man-hating misandrist who gets a sick thrill out of baby boys being genitally mutilated
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  • I have to say, cutting off a boys foreskin & cutting off a girls clitores, is not a equal comparison. Cutting off a girls clit is like cutting off the head of a boys penis. It would be a better comparison to boys foreskin, to cut off a girls clitoral hood. As it is what will turn into a foreskin, if she got a (Y) chromosome from her father instead of a (X). However, personally i don't believe any one should cut away any healthy flesh from a newborn, without good reason. Infact, the only good reason i can think of, off the top of my head is if the newborn had a Tight foreskin (phimosis and paraphimosis). Then, it would be medically required to circumcise him, for his own safety. But, that the only real reason i can think of.


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  • Options on voting are very limited.

    However, the two things are entirely different. Obviously, you know little about female anatomy, and maybe male anatomy too.

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      Foreskins are an important part of the male anatomy.

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      So are you pro or anti circumcision, I'm confused?

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      I am anti circumcision, unless it is for proper physical or medical reasons.

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