What can I do since I hate being on top?

I'm sexually active with my boyfriend and we have what I consider a fairly healthy sex life and relationship.

Despite all that, I hate having sex whenever I'm on top. For me, it doesn't feel good at all. Not only do I feel super awkward, but the position itself isn't pleasing to me. I know guys love it when a girl is on top, so I try to do it for him...but I really hate it. Especially because he doesn't really like it when I just kneel like usual girl on top. He likes the "Asian cowgirl" position. Honestly, I don't have strong legs at all so this position tires me out. What's worse (at least in this case) is that he takes forever to cum. I'll try to keep going but I just get exhausted and have to pause often after awhile, which I know is frustrating for him.

He also can't seem to get off unless we're going really fast and I just can not move fast enough for him no matter how hard I try. He always ends up thrusting upward while I'm on top which really throws me off of the pace that I set and then I just get confused. It's very discouraging because whenever I do try to be on top for him, he always ends up just moving me to the bottom because I'm not going fast enough/am off beat or something.

Needless to say, I am wicked awkward and need some help with what to do with this situation. It isn't like I can really practice on my own or something. Is it that awful if I just don't do it with me on top? I actually prefer not being in charge during sex anyway, I like being dominated better since I'm in control every other time of the day. Maybe some of it is a mental thing on my part? Any honest and preferably non-rude advice is welcome. :)
What can I do since I hate being on top?
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